Why The Fat Pizza

It’s all about the dough!


We have the best pizzas around.. we focus on maintaining a long term relationship with each and every one of our customers, It is by doing this that we get our customers to order from us more frequently. Customers now have more information about the prices for different outlets and more importantly, the quality of food.

We focus first and foremost in reaching profitable sales levels. We do not believe in shiny expensive shopfronts (though we do still like them!) We believe that first and foremost our franchisees should have a business that pays its own bills. We have had stores that reach break even weekly sales levels in just 3 weeks.

After achieving the first sales target, it is up to us together to build sales rapidly to grow the store. Profit in The Fat Pizza store comes from the volume of sales and this is always the second target, We are experts in local marketing initiatives to boost sales. We also have some competitive advantages compared to our competitors.


This includes our peerless computer system which allows orders to be taken centrally and professionally and then sent through instantly to the store. It means that at store level, good English speaking staff are not required for telephone orders as orders are taken for you. This helps the stores concentrate on making and delivering food rather than deal with answering phone calls.

We have made significant advances in our online ordering platform which means that customers can order on their computers, on their phones, via our App and even through social media sites.

Service and the quality of the food is the main driver for continuous growth. If this is supplemented by a specialised marketing campaign then there is no reason why your Fat Pizza store cannot be successful. We also have a tailored marketing plan designed to give you a firm advantage over other takeaways in the area. Sales are achieved through successful and continuous marketing campaigns and these techniques have been honed to ensure that not a penny is wasted

Phone: 01268351011

Email: info@theFatPizza.com