Our Food

Close-up overhead view of heart shape pizza

Our pizza story begins with a bag of flour

Our pizzas are better than the others for a simple reason. We make our pizza dough ourselves the traditional way. We don’t use pre prepared dough balls or frozen  bases like all the other guys in the area. We make our own pizza base many many times a day using our own secret recipe..

Our Pizza Dough, Our Sauce and our Better Pizza

Whether you like Deep Pan, Thin Crust or a Cheesy Crust all our pizzas start off as simple bags of flour!

Pizza perfection 

It takes a lot of time and effort to make our pizzas. We have 7 different suppliers for our products… Why? Its simple, we didn’t feel that one supplier had all of the quality ingredients we need.

Our cheese comes from one supplier, direct from the factory which makes our own special blend of Mozzarella and Cheddar cut the way we like it!

Our meat toppings are simply the finest around. The vegetables we put on our pizzas are bought locally and sliced or diced fresh each and every day unlike the other guys.

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Email: info@theFatPizza.com