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Here at The Fat Pizza, we thrive on high volume stores. Have a quick overview and then contact us for more detailed information.

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We aim to make you successful. The benefits of a franchise are quite simple, by making our franchisees successful you become successful.

The Fat Pizza has a variety of different store fronts and types. We have delivery only units as well as more traditional Pizza takeaway outlets. By mid 2016, all of our The Fat Pizza outlets will or do operate alongside The Fat Indian outlets which enables incredible economies of scale for the operator. It also means, invariably, as there are simply more drivers – our orders get to the customers door faster!

It must be remembered that not everyone will be suitable to become a The Fat Pizza franchisee as we want to ensure that the partners we bring forward will succeed. Our franchisees are selected for their dedication to supply great pizzas, deliver great service and focus on being the top pizza store in their respective area.

The Fat Pizza can be started for as low as £30k depending upon the location and services already connected. We do not believe in spending money initially on fancy graphics, signs etc. We believe that the sales achieved speak for themselves. The fancy signage etc. can come out of profits later… not the pocket now!

The Fat Pizza franchise package includes 2 weeks training in one of our stores, we will teach you the mechanics of how to operate a The Fat Pizza store. Marketing is mainly managed centrally, the main marketing that the franchisee does at store level is organise leaflet drops as well as letting us know just how busy he/she would like to be! It is expected that the franchisee will manage local store marketing, guides to how this is most effective will be provided and followed up on.


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Advantages Of Joining The Fat Pizza.


Our Store Operations

 Our instore operations are geared towards delivery. Everything we do is to streamline our processes so that each store can process high order volumes every single day!

 The Fat Pizza Computer System and Call Centre

 Our peerless computer system allows orders to be taken centrally and professionally and then sent through instantly to the store. It means that at store level, good English speaking staff are not required for telephone orders as orders are taken for you. This helps the stores concentrate on making and delivering food rather than deal with answering phone calls so that food arrives at our customers door faster and fresher!

 We have made significant advances in our online ordering platform which means that customers can order on their computers, on their phones, via our App and even through Facebook.

The Fat Pizza Service Standard

 Service and the quality of the food is the main driver for continuous growth. we aim to get to our customers within 30 minutes. We have the best pizza around, as long as we can match that with amazing customer service and innovative techniques there is no reason we canoot beat all the competition.

Unique Marketing

 We always use a unique local specialised marketing campaign There is no reason why your Fat Pizza store cannot be successful. In the areas in which we operate we aim to be in the top three stores in the area in terms of sales.  We also have a tailored marketing plan designed to give you a firm advantage over other takeaways in the area. Sales are achieved through successful and continuous marketing campaigns and these techniques have been honed to make sure that not a penny is wasted. Most importantly, the quality of our food and the speed of service will bring back our customers time and time again!

 Next Steps

 First and foremost you need to taste one of our pizzas. We do believe we have the best pizzas in the areas we are in and that is what sets us apart from your competitors. Once you have done that, give us a call or drop us an email.

Phone: 01268351011